A.P U.S History Chapter 11 Study Guide

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1. Albany Regency-created by Martin Van Buren from NY. “Tightly disciplined state political machine in NY”. Not born into the elites. Van Buren had faith in the commoners. Allowed democracy to flourish, helped suffrage. 2. As a Bucktail, Van Buren’s goal was democracy and less power to elites. He helped create National Political parties, and went up against elite DeWitt. 3. 1840, changing voting qualifications changed and 90% of adult males over 21 could vote. 4. Universal manhood suffrage adopted first by Kentucky in 1792. Then Tennessee and Ohio. Only 5 states allowed African free men to vote; Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Rhode Island. 5. Africans and women couldn’t vote. Stemmed from…show more content…
From the bank war emerged the two-party system. 17. In election of 1832, Jackson’s opponent Clay was painted as a defender of the bank and privilege. Won 219-49. 18. Anti-Masonic party. Went against Masonic party (Jackson and clay were part of). Short lived. First to hold national nominating convention; quickly adopted by other political parties. 19. Whig Party-named that was used by advocates of colonial resistance to British measures in 1760s. Went against the democrats. Portrayed Jackson as a dictator. Second Two party system-still in place. Two major parties, not sectional or monolithic. Whigs stemmed from federalists. Democrats stemmed from Jacksonians 20. Laissez faire-economic freedom. Proposed by Jackson. Decision making powers rest with commercial interests. 21. Jackson killed the bank by getting popular vote. Small farmers in west and south as well as some in north didn’t trust the bank. He killed it by vetoing it. 22. Specie Circular- proclamation issued by Jackson in 1836 stipulating that only gold or silver could be used as payment for public land. 23. Panic of 1837- caused by expiration of bank, inflation, and no foreign investors. Unemployment rates reached 10%. Gov. did not aid citizens in any way. Van Buren spent 4 years trying to improve econ. But failed. 24. Refer to 19. 25. Inherited Jeffersonian beliefs. Small independent farmers. Had nationwide appeal. Identified with
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