A Patient 's Care Recommendations

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A patient’s Care Recommendations should provide information that is relevant to a patient’s treatment in an ED setting, including care considerations, care coordination details, pain management information, suggested ED-based interventions, and any other information that is appropriate and applicable to the setting. The information included in a patient’s Care Recommendations should be relevant to any ED a patient registers at. Some patients may visit a number of EDs and their Care Recommendations should be useful for all of them. Let’s take an example from one of the patients above. If our example patient #3 has Care Recommendations that include information relating to a behavioral health diagnosis and how it should be managed in an emergency situation, those details could be very valuable at any ED the patient registers at. Whereas, if the patient’s Care Recommendations list a code for a program or action that is specific to only your hospital, that information may not be useful or relevant to another ED. Does a patient have a diagnosed medical condition? Have specific labs, or tests been run on the patient (e.g., extensive imaging with no or inconsistent findings)? Have they had a surgery? Do they have a documented behavioral health history? All of this objective information is extremely valuable and can be easily organized and consolidated using the Patient Background feature. Don’t include information that is unnecessary or inaccurate, may be considered speculative,

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