A Person Who Cares My Friend

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A Person Who Cares I am a person who cares deeply about my friend. If anything happens to my friend, I will do anything I help him. I have one true friend, his name is Ryan, who helps me greatly as I help him. Being with him is different than being with my other friend. It is because I can be honest about my feelings with him. Being a friend with him has sometimes gotten me into unusual situation. For example, I lost my friend in Disneyland and to find him again, to climb a rope with my wrist sprained, and to care about a person’s pride. I was with Ryan and Daniel in Disneyland. After we rode the Space Mountain, we headed out to eat lunch. “Hey,” Ryan asked me, “where is Daniel?” “I don’t know,” I said to him, “he was here just a moment ago.” “Should we go and find him?” Ryan said. “No,” I told him, “let’s wait for a few minutes.” We waited for five minutes but we didn’t see Daniel. We figured that Daniel was near where we were and went to eat lunch. “Shouldn’t we look for him?” I said to Ryan. “No,” Ryan said to me, “he’ll be okay. And besides we’re hungry.” After we ate our lunch quickly, we went to the Space Mountain again to find him. We looked for him for about ten minutes and we realized that he might have gone off to another place to look for us. “We should go find a teacher and report to them that Daniel is missing,” I told Ryan. As we went to find a teacher, we saw someone familiar walking towards us. The person who was walking towards us was

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