A Personal Narrative Essay : A Trip To The Zoo

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Yay!!! My sister said she was so happy that we were going to the zoo. She was so happy that she even started crying I had to calm her down because she started going crazy. So I took her to my room and told her that she needs to calm down or I will tell mom and dad to cancel the trip to the zoo and we will just stay home and do nothing. And that's when she stopped and she walked to her room and took out her color pencils and started drawing a animal. As soon as she did that I saw my parents getting the suitcases out of the active and started putting our clothes and there clothes in the suit cases and as soon as they did that they called me and my sister to there room they told us that we will be leaving tomorrow to go to the zoo that we need to go to sleep so we can get some treats. So we both took a shower and got in our beds and went to sleep. Huuuh!! It is already morning and it is time for us to get ready to go to that zoo that my sister is so excited to go to. So I got up from my bed and go to my sisters to so we can get ready so I woke her up and told her that it was time for us to get ready and go to the zoo. When I told her that she got out the bed so quick that I could not catch up with her. She took out her favorite dress and put it on after she did that she washed her teeth and got her shoes and got here socks and she went to her room and did her hair and went downstairs and mom and dad that she was ready I was so impressed because she only did in like two
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