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My heart was pounding in my chest feeling like it would burst out any minute, “why is this happening I sobbed. I couldn’t even think my head was racing so fast, “how is this possible how….how….HOW!” I shrieked, But that was my biggest mistake.
“Hey Savanna come on we should go,” I yelled to her moving my dark black hair away from my slender face. “James I’m coming down now” Savanna hollers back at me. She bounded down the. steps her red hair waving around her round face, sparkling in the kitchen light. “Are you ready yet?” I asked “Um...yeah I’m ready” she said not so confidently “ Then let’s go” I replied. Savanna and I had been exploring our neighborhood since we were little, so this was a regular night for us. We had flashlights,food,coats, basically anything you would really need. I said “bye” to my parents, and Savanna said “bye to her parents. We had been walking for about an hour when Savanna said “ hey what’s that?” “ Hey what’s that?” Savanna asked me, I looked to where her finger was pointing, and saw a small little shack in the distance. “Let’s check it out” she said bravely. “Ah why not,” I sighed, so Savanna and I trudged through the ankle deep leaves to get to the shed. It looked run down with holes in the side of it, pieces of the shed itself were littered all over the ground. We walked around until we found what looked like a door, I pushed it open as it made a a deafening squeak ringing in my ear

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