Creative Writing: Pokemon Trainer

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Later that night Hailey and Sierra walked out of the Pokemon center sitting on one of the benches on the battlefield out back, Pichu sitting on Sierra’s shoulder. “I can’t believe this is happening,” Sierra said, smile on her face as she gazed at the stars. “I know, this has really been a childhood dream that's been brought into reality,” Hailey replied a small smile on her lips, Sierra turning to face her. “I wonder what we’ll do here.” “I’ve always liked the idea of being a regular trainer, fighting in Pokemon battles, meeting friends and new Pokemon,” Sierra said petting Pichu's head. “I’ve always liked the idea of doing what Brock does, Pokemon breeding but I liked the idea of just making memories just as much,” Hailey admitted. “Why don’t we do those things?” Sierra …show more content…

“Who's it from?” Hailey asked getting up to peek at the note in her best friend’s hands. “Brock and Ash noticed we didn’t have any supplies so they helped us out,” Sierra replied showing Hailey the note. Hailey smiled and put the note back down and checked the coat she had worn last night as if luck had a bit on their side the money she had in their pocket had turned into the currency of this world. “Maybe we can buy them breakfast?” Hailey questioned, showing Sierra the money she had in her pocket. “Ya know to let them know how grateful we are.” “Good idea,” Sierra said with a grin. “Let's get dressed and we can go find them,” Hailey said pull out her change of clothes from her bag. Once they got dressed they each looked at each other, Sierra wore a purple tee-shirt with a half black half white heart, Blue Jeans, and her sneakers that she had worn before. Hailey was wearing a white shirt with short ruffled sleeves with a black ribbon around the v neck collar of it, a lilac colored skirt with white leggings underneath it along with her own shoes. “These clothes look kinda cute,” Hailey

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