A Personal View on the Three Tenets of the Christian Faith Essay

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The Problem of Evil is a problematic debate amongst skeptics and Christians. This essay will construct my personal views of the inconsistency between the three tenets that intelligent and rational Christians affirm. The focus of this essay is to address the contradiction between the three tenets of the Christian faith and to discuss the consequent remarks in regards to labeling God as all good and all powerful. Based on my personal belief, I find it difficult to accept all three tenets considering that the third tenant challenges the other two tenets of God’s power and love. If God is omnipotent and omnibenevolent, then why does he allow real suffering to exist within the world of humanity? Based on my personal reflection, I believe …show more content…

Therefore we must admit that a good and all loving powerful God would never permit such evil from spreading in the world that we see today.
Although the Bible may explain how evil came into this world, it still doesn’t justify the fact of its pure existence. It doesn’t explain why God didn’t prevent it to appear as well as his soulful purpose for us humans to experience it. An all loving and powerful God wouldn’t allow tsunamis and earthquakes to kill thousands of individuals, nor allow individuals to harm others for any reason whatsoever. I tend to question his power and love for us humans since I hear about so many devastating and gruesome acts that people commit. How can I believe that there is an all-powerful and loving God when I hear about innocent children dying from cancer, or when I know that people suffer every day of their lives so they can remain alive? The answer is I cant’ accept Gods love and power because so many people who believe in the faith of God still suffer countlessly. I remember asking my father if God is the initial factor who allows people to suffer. He referenced two sections in the bible that clearly express God’s allowance of evil coming to existence. In the book of Genesis, chapter 3, the serpent tries to lure Eve to eat the apple when God specifically instructed her to not to do so. During her resistance he says to the serpent “We

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