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“ A personalize induction will always be more effective” Discuss. Base your answer on theoretical concepts and techniques presented in class.

In my essay I will discuss the importance of a personalize induction in relaxation.
As we know, every one is different , this difference is not only outside but inside as well. We not only look different but we have different characters built on base of genes preferences, as well the influences of our parents and friends, schools, age and life experience. This is why it is so important when making the first contact with our clients.
We have to be able to gain their trust and get as much information about their history, their likes and dislikes, background, hobby’s, fears,
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The indirect, permissive style can be described as “maternal” as the words used are caring and include the use of metaphors leaving the client with a choice, phrases like, “you might like to move around a little” or “you may like to close your eyes” This style gives clients a sense of safety by not bossing them or not making them feel trapped. This style is most suited to clients who are caring, imaginative, and eager to please.
The authoritarian style of induction is more direct, logical, and paternal, with no choice. The script will be to the point and does not include metaphors. Using this method the therapist shows control and knows exactly what they are doing. Some examples of phrases used in this induction would be, “I want you to imagine yourself” or “start by concentrating on your breathing”. These screeds can contain imagery but the words are more directional, sometimes this style may appear a little severe but can be very effective especially when the aim of the hypnosis is habit changing e.g. stopping smoking.
Two others who have helped shape modern-day hypnosis are Dave Elman renowned for his authoritarian and direct approach and Milton Erickson famous for his permissive and indirect

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