A Primary School Teacher

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In scenario one- The e-generation, the key issue that can be identified is the struggle of a primary school teacher to interact with her new generation students because of the rapid growth of technology especially in the education sector. There are also other issues that can be clearly seen within this case such as the unfamiliarity of Marta with technology, which is limiting the creative abilities of some students like Zac. As well as the dissatisfaction of students due to the old teaching methods adopted by Marta. Although Marta is “considered to be a very good teacher”, students recently in her class often “seem plain bored”. This reflects a fact that there is a kind of miscommunication between the teacher and her students. It is clear that children in Marta’s class are interested in using technology to do their projects. Marta’s phone conversation with Nada’s mum, indicates that this teacher lacks the knowledge about computer and Internet. She has admitted that she “didn’t use email’. This shows the actual reason for the ongoing conflict between the teacher and the students in the classroom. There is clear evidence in the scenario that Marta is not an open and flexible teacher. She has completely rejected the idea of using technology in her classroom and prevented Zac from using the computer at home to do his project, unaware that some students like Zac may have troubles with crafts and arts and with “writing and presenting work neatly”. As can be seen, her decision

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