A Psychoanalytic Theory Of Jason

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A Psychoanalysis of “Jason”
In considering his waves of anxiety and depression, it seems as though Jason is experiencing deep shame about his gender and sexual identity. The shame he feels regarding these two aspects of identity, however, are not one in the same. During a crucial stage of development from 3 to 6 years of age, Jason recalls being extremely close to his mother. As a stay at home parent, Jason spent many days with his mother, baking, watching T.V. and playing board games. Because his father was rather distant from Jason and his mother, except on distinct occasions, an oedipal conflict formed. Jason’s father felt as though his rights and privileges to the boy’s mother were being threatened when considering the close relationship between the mother and son. Furthermore, Jason’s father was rather physically and emotionally distant because of his work schedule. This lack of connection prevented the oedipal conflict from being resolved as a boy must bond with his father in order to do so. As a result, Jason may have turned the desire for his mother and feminine energy inward, resulting in confusion over his gender later in life.
While he was close to his mother during childhood, this nurturing relationship was met with a simultaneous, overbearing enforcement of a religion that is largely frowned upon in society. Jehovah’s Witness children are often taught that premarital sex, homosexual sex, and even masturbation are shameful and that all followers of the faith

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