A Psychological Point Of View The Appearance Of The Apparitions

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From a psychological point of view the appearance of the apparitions to the governess would be a culmination of two theories. The first being her initial meeting with the Master of Blye causing repressed feelings to dictate her actions, and secondly her desire to feel needed by the children causing her to create situations where the children had no choice but to depend on her. When the governess first met the Master, she was immediately taken by his appearance and demeanor, so much so that she promised to take over the care of two young children all by herself. She agreed to never contact the Master about anything, including the well-being of the children. He was hoping that he would never have to deal with any part of this situation, however the “seduction” (James 6), he used to get the governess to take the job, worked too well. Throughout the story we see instances where the governess debates sending a message to the Master about events that occur at the estate. Freud would say that the unconscious was seeking out opportunities to interact with the Master again, “conception is one of which we are not aware, but the existance of which we are nevertheless ready to admit on account of other proofs or signs” (A Note on the Unconscious in Psycho-analysis 1). This unconscious desire driven by her Id’s primary function of desire, in her case desire for the master, caused her to see apparitions that would cause the Master to notice her and come back. Being that the governess is

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