A Reason to Stay Drug Free

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There are many drugs in the world today that are abused for instance marijuana, cocaine, crack, crystal meth, a pill called X, heroine, acid, and prescription drugs. People use these types of drugs listed to get a high. Some of these drugs are used as recreational and some are used to live on for medical purposes however majority are still abused and illegally obtained. For generations, drugs have been destroying families over the years. Drugs have caused divorces, to theft among your family members, and birth defects to new born babies. They say everyone has a drug addict in their family but in my case, as far as I can remember; I was brought up to believe it was normal. As I have gotten older and seeing the destruction that drugs cause, I know that a way of life that I want. When drugs come before food, a house to live in or even your own children. I have lost both of my biological parents to drugs. They chose to do drugs and have that high rather to have their children in their life. My mom went from man to man over the years to which ever one would give her the most drugs that she could put in her system. I don’t remember a day when she wasn’t high or just laid across the bed because she was so drugged up. As far as my father, I remember very little of him. He left when I was only two years old however has been in and out of jail for theft in which drugs played a major factor because he needed to steal in order to get his next high. Over the years, I

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