A Reflection Of Dealing In A Patient Note Writing

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I came in today feeling slightly defeated from yesterday. I love Jamie’s training approach, it matches my learning style perfectly. Jamie tries to let me do more and more things on my own. One thing I’ve been struggling with is writing the patient note in a SOAP format. I believe the reason I have been struggling is because she stands over me and feeds me what to type. When she puts me on the spot and gives the instruction to compose the note in my own words, Jamie always corrects me and has me put the note in her own words. This has been having an effect on my confidence level. Consequently, why I came into today feeling defeated. I planned to say something since I was not progressing on the patient note writing, but I wonder if Jamie picked up on the same thing. Today, Jamie stepped away and let me think it through on my own. This worked out so much better. I still have a lot of work left to perfect these patient notes, but at least now the notes are in my own words and I’m having an easier time listening to the patient and knowing what I need to include in their assessment, screening, and/or discharge note. The defeated feeling quickly dissipated and I felt more confident about describing the interactions with patients. What I learned from the situation was to say something sooner instead of allowing my confidence to take a hit. In addition, it also taught me something about myself as a trainer in my current job and in future positions. I get like Jamie,

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