A Reflection On Policy Observation

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Policy Observation
What we see today is that organizations paint this image of morality and striving to help the homeless, when really what they preach compared to their actions are very incongruent. For example, Mr. Gladiator is a Muslim and he was praying outside of Kroger and was asked to leave because he was supposedly disturbing customers, but in reality he was just praying for them. This ties into commercialization where businesses will kick homeless people out of their properties establishment to appear more high quality. This is contradicting because they boast about what they do for communities, yet the situation such as this says otherwise.
In addition, there has been a shift from Section 8 Housing here in Louisville, where poor people are provided assistance with public, government housing, to Mixed Income Housing that has increased homelessness because many of these people qualify for Section 8 Housing and do not have the financial status for Mixed Income Housing, yet there are less homes being provided for Section 8 Housing than there are Mixed Income Housing so it leaves a disproportionate amount of people lacking shelter (Colley and Dukmasova).
Even worse, if we look at policies at the regional level, or even national levels, our society has criminalized homelessness by making it illegal to be homeless. Rather than attacking the underlying issues of homelessness, or resolving the needs of homeless people, our society drives away homeless people and even any

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