A Relationship Between Brazilian And Brazilian Culture Essay

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If one word had to be chosen to describe a Brazilian relationship, which incorporates the family, friends, and etiquette, it would probably be “interwoven.” This is because the Brazilian culture is very relational. This relation first begins in the family, which is considered the main building block for their society, although this is slowly changing. Then there are other people, friends or others who are in the same social class (meaning social status and not age), who are interacted with on a personal level. Because relations are central to the Brazilian life, etiquette and manners are seen as important and must be followed through upon; otherwise offense will be taken. Normally, the size of a Brazilian family would be above six members. Usually, the father was the breadwinner; the mother would be a stay at home mom; and the children would each be expected to conform to their gender. Then, on top of immediate family, you have the extended family which is quite involved in weekly or day to day life. Aunts and uncles; Grandpas and grandmas, are involved in raising the children of the family as well.
It is important to point out that Brazilian culture is changing at a rapid pace and there have not been many recent studies done to identify the current Brazilian lifestyle and culture. Much of the information available is from studies done in the late 1900’s but the most current information was used wherever possible.
Beginning with parents the father would be the

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