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Brazil and Mexico are both the giants of their geographic realms (de Blij and Muller 219,254). Mexico constitutes an entire geographic region of Middle America (200). The country of Brazil is also considered a single region in South America (239). Both of these regions have very large populations in comparison to the other regions of their realms. Mexico's current population of 102 million people has more than doubled in size since 1970 (219). Brazil's estimated population is currently near 167 million people (254). The populations of both regions are becoming increasingly more urban in character. At least seventy-four percent of Mexico's population resides in cities or towns (220). Similarly in Brazil, eighty percent of the population …show more content…

67 million Brazilians can trace their ancestries to European, African, and Amerindian bloodlines. A slim majority of Brazilians are of European decent. These people are the ancestors of immigrants from Eastern Europe, Portugal, Germany, and Italy. Brazil also has the largest population of Japanese outside of Japan (254).

Despite the differences in their ethnicity, the populations of these regions are both highly urbanized. In Brazil eighty percent of the population resides in urban areas (Microsoft Encarta). Nearly seventy-five percent of Mexico's people are urban dwellers (de Blij and Muller 220). The largest cities of these regions are Mexico City, Mexico (221) and Sao Paulo, Brazil (259). Mexico City is the home of a little more than twenty-five percent of Mexico's total population. Mexico City's population grows by amazing amounts each year; the city will probably soon be the most populated city on Earth. Right now the population of Mexico City is twenty-eight million (221). Sao Paulo in Brazil is also growing remarkably fast. Presently the population of Sao Paulo is Twenty-three million Sao Paulo's population has more than doubled in the past thirty years (259).

Sao Paulo and Mexico City are facing some of the same problems. Sao Paulo and Mexico City are both marked by areas of great economic contrasts. Mexico City has more than five hundred areas that can be called slums.

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