A Report Comparing Two Types Of Business Document From Each Of The Three Organisations

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Unit 1: GO40 - Using ICT to Communicate REPORT
Task A- A report comparing two types of business document from each of the three organisations.
Heaton manor letter
After reading the letter from Heaton manor I realised that this letter was written formally. This is because the way the writer has written it is professional. The letter was drafted to the student 's parents about a trip. They used the words ‘Dear’ at the beginning and ‘Yours Faithfully’ at the end of the page, which is only used if you are writing to a person that you do not know.
However, they wrote the letter to 'Parents and Careers’ so that it is generalised to whoever is taking care of the child. This is because it is harder to write a letter to each parent. Also, ‘Career’ is used so that nobody is offended.
Although, it would have been exceeding if they wrote to each parent, this would make the parents know that they have taken their time to write to each parent so their child could go to the trip. Also, they have added the date. This material is added to show when the letter was written.
The address isn 't added. Previously stated, this is because it would have taken the Head of ICT longer, especially as they might not know the addresses of each student. Also, most of the logos are either combined at the top or at the bottom of the page. This is used to show which company or school this is from. In this letter, the colour blue is mostly used, for example, the logo. The
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