Executive Summary : Walt Disney Company

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Executive Summary
The case is related with a decision regarding The walt Disney Company’s relation with Pixar. Though, history defined their collaboration and success. Pixar’s CEO Mr. Steve Jobs has tried to negotiate the contract but with no success because The Walt Disney Company wants to stay with previous terms. This pushed Steve Jobs to find for partnership with others. This search is a big threat for The Walt Disney Company and it has to decide whether to acquire Pixar or not.
Through defining both company the write of this report will define their business and synergies in detail. This business report is consists of five chapters in total. Chapter one will have case study background, statement of the problem, research questions ans aim and objectives of the case. Whereas, chapter tow will have detailed description of the situation.
Chapter three will cover the decision making process and for it the write of this business report will utilise different tools and frameworks in terms of thorough analysis of the case regarding The Walt Disney Company and Pixar and their external and internal factors. One of the apporpriate tool for external analysis of both comapnies is Porter’s Five Foces Analysis that has been utilised by the write for industry analysis of both companies. This tool will allow write to understand the industry in better way that The Walt Disney Company and Pixar are falling individually. Besides, it will allow the write to evaluate the current position and
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