A Report On Hospitalization

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During this reporting, there were multiple communications with physical therapy and the physician office to determine if Mr. Nissan Nissan returned to the physician office and if he was cleared to return to his treatment after his hospitalization. Mr. Nissan’s son never responded to written correspondence and his daughter never replied to my phone messages. Care Matrix reported he was back in therapy. I questioned this as he had not returned to his PCP for clearance since his hospitalization and I requested physical therapy reports as the only documentation report is the evaluation April 2017. The manager reported he was hospitalized for pneumonia and she would reach out to Mr. Nissan regarding returning to his primary care and pain …show more content…

He pointed to his upper right chest for discomfort and felt it was his rib discomfort. He denied experiencing lower back pain. Mr. Nissan felt the worst pain is from his waist down with his leg and knee. His lower leg he rated a 9-10 on the 1-10 pain scale. Mr. Nissan has been attending physical therapy and felt it was beneficial. He continues to decline injections.

Dr. Bhatti reported he did evaluate Mr. Nissan in July and received the medical records and clearance. I clarified which physician will be prescribing pain medications and he replied that the primary care will. Dr. Bhatti explained that they are interventionist pain management and not pill pushers. The physician felt the therapy is the most beneficial treatment to help Mr. Nissan and is pleased that it continues to help. He explained that therapy is renewed on a monthly bases and based on his age and medical history is the best option for Mr. Nissan. Dr. Bhatti did inform therapy of precautions regarding fall precautions and bleeding as he is on blood thinner and not to be aggressive and to use gentle exercises for him. If they were aggressive it could increase the bleeding potential. When he was seen in July the physician renewed the therapy script, household replacement services and attendant care 6 hours a day for seven days a week as well as driving and transportation services which

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