A Report On Micro Farming

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The last four week our group has been tasked with looking into and researching micro farming in a small enclosed area of a greenhouse in mills wyoming we had four weeks to research and build a prototype of a micro farm with the dimensions 2’ x 2’ or 24in x 24in by however tall we would like to make we can not use sprouted plants we have to start with seeds. We had a set budget of xxxx. Our goal was to grow as many food calorie wise from september to december but we could not modify the farm after a certain date other than like watering or other basic maintenance. In this paper i will be going over topics including cycles for growing plants and what is required for plants to grow. What plants we chose and why and what type of growing method …show more content…

Which also used for energy in the plant to grow Continuing i will be talking about the carbon cycle.
Now the carbon cycle. The carbon cycle starts with carbon atoms being absorbed in the water soil or living things (ex plants animals etc.). It then when the said thing is burned or decomposed the carbon is released back to be reabsorbed. Or when a living creature it pulls in o2 with C and then when it exhales it creates Co2 which then is absorbed in plants to create glucose in the process refer to image above. But when trees and stuff are burned or animals are caught in fires it releases C or carbon. back into the Atmosphere where it is restarted.
Next is the oxygen cycle. Where oxygen is taken and turned by animals into co2 plants then take it and turn it into o2 where it is released where is is either absorbed by the atmosphere where it will stay for 4500 years or turn into o3 ozone, the biosphere where it will stay for 50 years ,the lithosphere where it will stay for 500,000,000 years, and last the hydrosphere. after it is released it will cycle again and find a new place to populate. oxygen is used in plants in the form of co2 and h2o to form the photosynthesis equation to create energy. Which it then uses to grow while outputting o2 or oxygen makes up 20% of our atmosphere. Next i will be covering the nitrogen cycle
The nitrogen cycle starts with atmospheric nitrogen. Where it then gets absorbed into the soil. Where a plant will then absorb it and then an

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