A Report On My Family And My Dad

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My family and I spent our Sunday afternoon at the Columbia store in the outlet mall, shopping for sun-deflecting shirts for my dad. He never needed special UV protection shirts until now, until he started chemo. The doctor warned him to protect himself from the sun as much as possible. I didn’t even know UV protection shirts existed until I saw tons of them hanging up on display. My sister and I, being the more fashion friendly in the family, picked out a few shirts for my dad. He didn’t really care what color, so we picked out a light blue short sleeve, a long sleeve white one, and a few others. We even picked out some more styling patterned ones. It had only been maybe two weeks since the doctor surgically inserted a tube into his chest, the tube that would be the transport for the deadly chemicals that were to enter his body, the chemicals that would kill anything they came in contact to, cancer cells and healthy cells. It was a dangerous process, but I had all my faith and trust in God, and the skilled doctor, that they would take care of my dad. We moved onto hats since he needed to protect his face also. We had him try some on, shared some laughs as he tried on silly ones, but finally picked out one navy, and one tan fishermen-looking hats. We checked out, spent a good amount, being Columbia prices and all. We went to lunch, where my dad didn’t order his usual Diet Coke since you can’t eat and drink everything you want while on chemo. We enjoyed the rest of our day,…

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