A Report On My Family And My Dad

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My family and I spent our Sunday afternoon at the Columbia store in the outlet mall, shopping for sun-deflecting shirts for my dad. He never needed special UV protection shirts until now, until he started chemo. The doctor warned him to protect himself from the sun as much as possible. I didn’t even know UV protection shirts existed until I saw tons of them hanging up on display. My sister and I, being the more fashion friendly in the family, picked out a few shirts for my dad. He didn’t really care what color, so we picked out a light blue short sleeve, a long sleeve white one, and a few others. We even picked out some more styling patterned ones. It had only been maybe two weeks since the doctor surgically inserted a tube into his chest,…show more content…
We decided we wanted to watch a movie that night, so we set out to get one. The sky was rich with color, and the weather was just right. My sister was a senior in high school, and I was in eighth grade when we drove up to Voice of America, where we’d always go for anything we needed. We headed to Blockbuster. “Who’s paying for this thing?” I asked, since I made twenty dollars a month, from allowance. “We’ll split it.” My sister responded, she never had been very generous. We parked the old gold Lumina she’d gotten from our Grandpa when she was sixteen. It was an old person car, but it was a car. We walked in, found our movie, Over the Hedge, and walked back to the old person car. My sister decided to take the main road to get home, which meant sharing the road with a number of cars and lights, instead of going the back way, the easier, slower, way back home. We were listening to the radio, talking, just trying to get home. We finally got through the three lights it took to get to the main intersection, which would be the end of traffic for us. We were in the left hand turn lane, first in the lane, with numerous cars on either side and in front and behind us. “Oy, the lights are broken.” I said as we pulled up to the white line, seeing the lights blink red. I wasn’t a driver, but I knew basic rules, I knew when the lights flash red, treat it was a stop sign and take turns. So did my sister, but apparently no one else knew that. Groups
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