A Report On Nars Style, Format, And Documentation

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A Report on NARS Style, Format, and Documentation National Association of Rottweiler Studies Style The style used by scholars of Rottweilers is that of the National Association of Rottweiler Studies (NARS). When you write papers for courses in Rottweiler studies, you should follow the guidelines of the NARS for details about written style, the format of the paper, and source documentation. The NARS Handbook for Writers of Research Papers offers complete and detailed guidance on NARS style, and there are many resources on the Internet that explain NARS style. Below is a primer of some of the most frequent and basic rules that pertain to the writing with NARS. Seek out other sources if the information below does not include what you …show more content…

Long works, such as books, are given in italics (or underlined). Note these examples: Short works: “A Long-Term Study of Female Rottweiler Sleeping Quirks” Long works: Carl’s Afternoon in the Park Quoting and Citing in NARS  To quote sources in your own paper, type quotations of three lines or fewer in the text. Type the lines you quote exactly as they appear in the original work. Give the author’s name and the page number in parentheses, immediately after the closing quotation marks and before the closing punctuation. Note these examples: According to Philips, “public perceptions of Rottweilers are negatively driven by news articles of dog attacks, even when the breed involved is not a Rottweiler” (37). This public perception is difficult to counter. Optional example 2 If it is clear from context which work you are referring to, you do not need to include titles in citations. But if you are comparing two or more books by the same author and it is not clear which you are referring to, you should include a shortened version of the work’s title (e.g., Carl Goes to Daycare) in the citation. Such a citation would look like this: (Day, Carl Goes to Daycare 12).  Quotations of four lines or more should be set apart in a “block quotation” and indented one inch from the margin. No quotation marks are used for block quotes, and line numbers should be placed immediately

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