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APA Template for Nursing Program Papers Jill Connolly Ferris State University Abstract An abstract is a short summary of the article that is written after the rest of the paper is finished. It is the most important paragraph in the document, allowing readers to quickly decide if they want to read the rest. Write the abstract clearly with concise language. Open with the most important points and make each sentence maximally informative. Accurately state the purpose and content of the document. Only report facts, do not evaluate or make additional comments. Include only information found in the body of the article and use the headings to verify accuracy. Format: Do not repeat document title and do not indent. The …show more content…

APA Template for Nursing Program Papers The introduction needs no heading because it appears immediately after the abstract. In a few pages, present the topic of the paper and describe the research strategy. Discuss why the problem is important and whether it has been studied in the past. Describe how your paper is different from previous research and how it builds upon the topic. Formally state the purpose of the research by summarizing the hypotheses supported and why. Mention significant related literature and assume the reader has a basic understanding of the topic and its history. State how your report is similar and different from cited works. Stay on task. Reference important sources of data or research and be sure to site these sources. Logically show how your paper relates to previous work. Be sure to keep the introduction readable. Do not be so brief that only experts in the field can follow what is being said. Explain your approach to solving the problem. Briefly but clearly describe specific questions and how these were logically decided upon, how they connect to the research materials you cite. Clearly develop rationale for each theory and distinguish between primary and any secondary theories. Format: See page 42 in American Psychological Association (2010). As shown here, indent the first line and new paragraphs that are still part of

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