A Report On Qatar Fifa World Cup Essay

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Located on the continent of Asia, Qatar, short for Dawlat Qatar is an Arabian country that has been ruled since the 1800’s by the Al Thani family (“___ Qatar,” n.d.). Qatar is known for being home to the third biggest oil reserve on the globe behind Russia and Iran. This country is also the world’s greatest producer of liquefied natural gas since they started to imbue their time in the industry during the late twentieth century (“Economic-Development-and-standard-of-living-in-Qatar,” n.d.). Despite being rich in liquefied natural gas, the reserves have caused conflict amongst the residents due to the decreasing air quality levels. Residents are begging for regulations to be issued to reduce the amount of toxins in the air. In order to achieve this, the government needs to succeed in enacting policies that impact air quality. Throughout this paper, the reader should understand the positives and negatives of imposing such regulations on this country as well as apprehending the impact the 2022 FIFA World Cup is going to have in Qatar.

The financial system of Qatar depends heavily “on gas and oil, which accounts for half of the gross domestic product, eighty-five percent of export earnings and seventy percent of government revenue” (“Economic Overview,” n.d.). Because of oil, the gross domestic product per capita of Qatar is ranked thirty-four in the world. The proven oil reserves of the country have far surpassed twenty-five million casks aiding in the

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