A Report On Rms Target Activities

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1.3 Preconditions The system shall meet the following pre-defined requirements:  Preparation of basic reports in tabular form to the following modules: Weekly Report of RMs Target Activities, Monthly Report of RMs Target Activities, Main Annual Report of the KPIs per Business Line and Sales Report of RMs Activities with Potential Business Clients.  The required data for the weekly report are YEAR, WEEK, USER, RM NAME, RM NUMBER, RM BRANCH, RM BRANCH NUMBER, REGION, NUMBER OF CLIENTS, YtD TARGETS, YtD TARGETS ACHIEVEMENT, STL, LTL, CA, TD.  The monthly report shall contain the same data as in the weekly report plus: LENDING INCOME, STL INCOME, LTL INCOME, TREASURY INCOME, POS INCOME, DOCUMENTARY INCOME and MONTH instead of WEEK.  The…show more content…
 The RISK COST Report shall contain data for Risk Costs, Corporate Risk Costs and SME Risk Costs by their regions plus Year, Reporting period, YtD Targets, YtD Targets Achievement, YtD Targets Completion and Targets for the next year.  The SALES Report shall contain the following data: Year, Month, Leads allocated, Number of contacted new clients, First meetings held with new clients, Next meetings held with potential business clients, Offers extended to new clients - non-lending products, Offers extended to new clients - lending products, Offers accepted from new clients, New clients really having a product. All the data shall contain the following indicators: Total number of Contacted new clients per period, Number of contacted new clients (target) and the Target achieved (%).  All data shall be automatically extracted, transferred and loaded from the DWH Department.  The data transfer shall be performed on a daily basis.  The regions for CB and SMEs should be predetermined in the Dashboard database.  An external excel file containing all active RM, SMEs and Executive CB, together with their geographic location (region - branch - office) shall be uploaded in the new Dashboard system.  Functionality for manual correction the YtD Targets - without reflection of the corrections made outside the system and with no adjustment in the structure of the report. The adjustments made will affect only the value that
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