System Requirement Checklist Of Proposing A New Information For Personal Trainer, Inc. Outputs

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System requirement checklist of proposing a new information for Personal Trainer, Inc. Outputs - A daily report of all sale transactions must be produced from the BumbleBee program at the end of each day in each location. In order to make sure that system will print a report at the end of each day, we will write a program that will print the report automatically at the end of day after working hour two hours. Moreover, this system should be maintained and rechecked the report every month by system maintenance service in order to check whether system runs effectively, - At the end of each month, a monthly member sales report must be produced at the headquarter location. An employee from sale department at the headquarter must be responsible for checking the report printed from the system as he is always familiar with the sale performance. - At the end of each quarter, the system must produce a quarterly profit-and-loss report at the headquarters location that shows a list of incomes and expenses for each separate activity. As this report relating to finance, accounting department must be responsible for checking the report printed from the system and rechecking again that if the report is accurate with financial statement. Inputs - The BumbleBee program must store basic member information, but does not include information about member preferences, activities, and history. In designing a database, we must specify only basic member information created in the database,

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