A Report On The Movie ' Sunset Park '

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Unfortunate citizens were sent flying back as STAG and the Syndicate shredded through the roads of Steelport. Alongside the dangerous driving, bullet shells and rockets flew through the air as both sides tried to get an upper hand on the other.

A group of four N-Forcers raced though Loren Square in pursuit of two speeding Luchadore trucks. The masked wrestlers drove on dangerously close to a STAG road-block just south of a deserted Friendly Fire. Lasers from the road-blocking STAG became more powerful the closer the gamg drove, until the lead Luchadore slammed his brake and wrenched the wheel to a side. The second truck followed the lead and both drifted to the left and continued tearing up the city northwards.

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Shaundi looked over the seats (with difficulty, thanks to the high headrests) and through the tiny slits in the window, but all she could see was the clear, blue sky. She moved nearer the seats and tilted her head in different ways, until the double doors banged open behind her. A heavily armoured soldier looked at her sternly, whilst his buddy reached inside and grabbed at Viola 's arm.

"Hey!" Viola yelled. "Get the fuck off me!" She struggled in his grip as he pulled her outside.

The soldier held her close to him, his torso pressed up against her contesting back. "Now, now; play nice, gorgeous," he half-whispered. He raised his pistol and traced it along her tense jawline with one hand, while he squeezed the other around her wrist with strong fingers. His face twisted into a sadistic smile when she winced.

"Knock it off, Dearly," the other soldier warned. He quite tenderly helped Shaundi - who resisted with a lot of effort - out of the N-Forcer and continued, "We 're just dropping them off, so cut it out with the creepy shit."

Dearly snarled at his co-worker when he turned his back and slightly leaned into Viola 's neck. Viola expected more, but he only breathed his warm breath onto her. He pulled back when a STAG Condor began to descend in front of them. The back opened up, leaving a ramp for passengers to climb aboard. Shaundi was first pushed inside, then Viola. Both soldiers waved them off as the door closed electronically.

The ride was

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