A Raisin In The Sun Movie Analysis

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I enjoyed both the 1961 movie adaptation of A Raisin in the Sun starring Sidney Poiter since it was intriguing, action-packed and stayed loyal to the book even with some slight deviations from the book. In the book, the Younger’s are only seen in their apartment, but the movie adds different settings. The book only mentions Walter’s work life and social life with his friend Bobo and Willy, but the movie included scenes of Walter at work, and at the bar with his friends. I think that the additional scenes were effective since it helps better understand Walter. In Act one Scene one of the book, Walter’s hatred and reluctance to go to work towards his job seems childish, but with the movie’s additional scenes, depicts Walter’s job as meaningless. Also in the book, Walter’s decision to trust Willy seems arbitrary since in Act…show more content…
I am glad that the movie included the last scene with its accompanying the details to show Walter’s transition into manhood. He is regarded as a “toothless rat” by Beneatha, and evolves into a man after standing up for his dignity by rejecting the offer. Immediately, Beneatha calls him a “man”. Furthermore, it included the significant detail where Mama moves her old plant, a symbol for her deferred, but finally achieved dreams, to the new house, which delighted me. The preeminent aspect of the movie is the spirit of the characters, which is perfectly embodied in the talented cast members. The director’s choice for the cast is above reproach since everyone is similar to what I imagined the characters to look and act. The movie captured the four unique spirits and dreams of the characters: Beneatha is resolute in her unconventional career choice as a doctor, Walter longs to provide for his family, Lena maintains order in the family and dreams of owning a house with a garden, and Ruth is
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