A Research On Collaborative Research

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Collaborative research

Collaborations in research is necessary especially for the researchers to answer questions that they would not be able to if they have worked alone. It is necessary to understand what is the main goal of the project and what is the role of each collaborators in order to achieve such goal. Collaborators may work independently from the very beginning or at certain stages of the research but they should always keep in mind the project 's larger picture. By clearly describing the roles and responsibility of each collaborators, making of clear plans of management, cooperation and above all fairness will increase the chances of positive outcome of a collaborative research.
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In other words, the person who owns the data have power and control over it as well According to Loshin, 2002 "The control of information includes not just the ability to access, create, modify, package, derive benefit from, sell or remove data, but also the right to assign these access privileges to others"
Sometimes for the advancement of the science these data ownership have the ability to share the data with the colleagues. so in 1998 Scofield suggest replacing the term ‘ownership’ with ‘stewardship’, “because it implies a broader responsibility where the user must consider the consequences of making changes over ‘his’ data”.
In order to analyze the data ownership we must be sure about who collects the data and under whose intellectual guidance it is collected. If the answer to both are same and the person(s) owns the data. On the other hand in case of federally funded research for example when the National Institutes of Health (NIH) of US Department of Health and Human Services awards a research grant to a university then all the data collected are usually owned by the university or the grantee institution.
Most of the grants are awarded to the institutions and not to the individual. The person who submits the grants on behalf of the institution is called the principal investigator(PI). The PI serve as a steward of the federal funds and other aspects of

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