A Research On Computer Science

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Statement of Purpose Having grown up in a family that has consistently devoted utmost importance to education and discipline, a focused perseverance towards achieving goals and ‘earning’ the right to deserve what you covet were qualities that got instilled in me since childhood. Be it implementing ambitious projects or learning intricate technologies; my proclivity to take up challenges and determination to persist make me a go-getter. My overarching goal is to apply my technical aptitude to solve real-world problems. With grave challenges that loom largely in today’s world, computer science holds the key to serve as a panacea. From natural resource management to environmental regulation and medical innovations to economic alleviation, …show more content…

While securing a distinction in academics, I also joined the ‘Computer Society of India (CSI)’ and ‘IEEE-TSEC’ to explore diverse opportunities. As part of these professional organizations, I developed a website to facilitate online registration for college events, built a library management system for the institution and devised complex robots for various intercollegiate competitions. In the process, I got acquainted with latest web technologies, ingrained capabilities to create scalable solutions and learnt assembly language programming. Such initiatives equipped me with diverse technical skills and encouraged my application-driven learning. My undergraduate studies and vocational pursuits were a vital aspect of my motivation towards becoming a potent graduate researcher. In the final year of engineering, intrigued by the revolution in the cloud computing technologies, I decided to explore its applications. Consequently, I along with three of my batch-mates, built a Cloud Based Desktop Virtualization system as a part of the final year project to address prime concerns of the college centered on user data management. Inheriting its model from the open source contributions made by Rackspace and NASA, the private cloud designed for Infrastructure as a service

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