A Research On Mixed Model Online Dating

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In brief, this thesis makes the following contributions to knowledge, theoretically, methodologically, and practically. First, it shows that anticipation of meeting another–most specifically in the context of mixed model online dating (Fiore, 2004) – can cause people to provide more veridical information, in descriptions of themselves, when attempting to manage impressions of themselves to others (Schlenker, 1980). Further, it supports the theory that, if so anticipated, people will provide such information based on the idea that, if those other persons’ expectations are disconfirmed (Burgoon & Poire, 1993), in future, they will likely be dissatisfied and thereby potentially/likely terminate a possibly (romantic) relationship, perhaps even before giving it a chance. In online dating, it was theorized, the likelihood may be much larger, due to the height of the stakes. As such, it illustrates that, when primed to anticipate such a possibility – herein as a function of a Bogus Pipeline procedure (Jones et al., 1971) variation – it can lead to truthful self-presentation, so as not to miss a potentially lifelong opportunity. The results of combining the theoretical mechanisms outlined above can be ported, or used to explain different contexts, wherein the content may vary, while the structure stays the same, such as in managing impressions, when submitting résumés for jobs to websites that specialize in job-seeking, such as Monster.com, because people would likely not want
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