A Research On Target Behavior

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Target Behavior: Jack Winslow is an 8 year old boy in a 1st grade at-risk class. He enjoys his daily classroom jobs and his classmates. Jack has lots of energy and is the smallest in his class. He tries to engage with his peers but it is usually awkward and unsuccessful. The targeted student is functioning well academically. There are no deficits in reading and comprehension. He solves math word problems slowly but works well with computation and number facts. Jack is currently being evaluated because he constantly blurts out in class when he has something to say. Ms. Gray, his teacher, complains that he constantly blurts out instead of raising his hand. She has also mentioned that he calls her name constantly when she does not answer immediately. The inappropriate behavior of blurting must be changed because these types of interruptions usually get other students off track and prevent others from engaging fully in class activities. It is important that the antecedents and consequences that trigger Jacks behavior are addressed. If this inappropriate behavior that Jack display is not changed, other students will begin to follow his lead and start to blurt out also. Changing the inappropriate behavior of blurting out, should include strategies that are positive reinforcements to increase the desirable responses from Jack. Jack should be able to wait for the teacher’s response and ask question when called on. Once this behavior is extinct, Jack should be able to self-

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