A Research On Time Management

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In my research of time management, I have come upon several sources that seem to be very comprehensive in the methodology the authors choose to help achieve better time management. The methods they suggest do disagree on the usefulness of technology, and whether or not it does more harm than good, but the sources all agree that the discipline to follow the schedule you have created is key. The research agrees that people who schedule and manage their time are in general happier and more satisfied with what they accomplish.
Additionally, the experts agree the first step is to prioritize the tasks you wish to accomplish. Martha Beck, a writer for Oprah magazine, banks heavily on the ideologies of Professor Randy Pausch, a computer scientist at Carnegie Mellon University. Pausch made a speech in 1998 titled the Last Lecture where he spoke about achieving dreams after he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. The other sources do not directly state how we should prioritize, but Pausch set up a very clear methodical way. Beck believes in Pausch’s quadrant system where one creates four categories: urgent important, important not urgent, unimportant urgent, and unimportant not urgent. After one has settled on what should go in these categories, one throws out the unimportant not urgent pile and forgets about it. One then schedules time with the urgent important pile first, then important not urgent, then urgent unimportant.
John Rampton, a blogger for Entrepreneur and an

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