A Research Study On Adolescent Suicide Essay

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Facilitating Connection and Saving Lives
The purpose of this paper is to detail a group aimed to provide support for lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) adolescents. The paper begins by examining literature related to adolescent suicide rates, the lack of personal and community resources for teenagers, and adolescent development and mental health. The paper will then address the methodology, purpose, and goals of the group. The paper will address the role of the leader. He/she will utilize an Adlerian theoretical orientation and will be involved, directive, and authentic. The leader will attempt to facilitate social relatedness and corrective emotional experiences for group members. The paper will briefly review group evaluation, and it will examine potential ethical/multicultural issues that this leader and group may encounter. The paper will conclude by detailing activities that will be utilized throughout the six weeks of the group experience.
Literature Review
Adolescent Suicide and Distress
One young person—age ten to 19—takes his/her own life every 90 minutes (Gould et al. as cited in Kitts, 2005, p. 622). Russell and Joyner revealed that adolescents who identify as gay or lesbian are two times more likely to attempt suicide than straight adolescents (as cited in Kitts, 2005, p. 624). The risk factor for suicide for gay and lesbian adolescents is not their sexuality, but psychosocial distress they experience due to their sexuality (Kitts, 2005). Adolescents

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