A Research Study On Clinical Nursing

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Clinical nursing handover is not something new but it could be time consuming and overwhelming, if bad habit is practiced could negatively affect patients outcome (Clinical Nursing Handover2013).
In the health care setting nursing handover is challenge situation if not used an effective communication. The nursing handover and an individualized and systemic approach. This article studied how nursing handover affects others in their cares in negative or positive ways. This research studied how shift to shift nursing handover is designed to improve their personal recall of information. It also shows that during shift to shift handover it is essential nurses to use systemic approaching with their clients cares. It and inter-professional collaboration so important to teach the nurse’s intervention care plan for individuals cares and how the patient’s conditions improve in daily cares.
Therefore, nursing handover leadership skills should be approached to help and improve communication between shifts, it better to develop a leadership skills and create better communication practices between shifts within the workplace. The overnight lack of communication and leadership between shifts creates a great amount of error and stress to the employees’ activities.
In the health field there is not only a need of improvement in leadership, but also to better communication between employee and administration. Poor communication produces poor relationship between employees. On the other…

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