A Research Study On Quantitative Analysis

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2.0 Research Critique 2.1.1 Clarity Clarity refers to the clear view of things, and clear head that goes with it. The clarity of the research can be defined through journal replication and finding presentation. Journal replication
Replication involves the process of repeating a study using the same methods, different subjects, and different experimenters. I personally believe that this journal cannot be replicated due to argument below.
King (1994) explain that in order for a journal to be replicate, it must provide sufficient information which to understand, evaluate and build upon a prior work if a third party could replicate the results without any additional information from the author. This research did not provide
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More discussion on finding is stated in part 2.4 of this assignment. 2.2 Theory and hypothesis 2.2.1 Plausibility Wiebe (2010) state that plausibility will bring different meaning as regard to the purpose of study. In some cases, it has to do with determining whether a case study is worth conducting; in others, it might mean determining whether the theory derived from the case makes sense, or whether the case rings true.
In application for this research, the element of plausibility is obtained. First of all, whether the case study is worth conducting will lead to different judgement. For instance, the researchers were too depending on the usage of low response rate of EECS data sometimes make readers think that it is not worth conducting. In other part, we try to suit the researcher’s condition as the usage of EECS data is needed due to limitation of resource: money, time, language and etc. By using the EECS data, at least there is some data obtained to prove the study.
This research able to provide clear hypothesis and it is plausible as their hypothesis able to give meaning to their research question. The researchers stated clearly on 3 hypotheses they try to achieve even it lead to result that need improvement in their hypothesis. For instance, the hypothesis result is not too strong. H1 give positive relation but only in small scale, H2 is not met and H3 only applicable to certain cases.

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