A Roman Tribune And What Are Their Role Society? Why Are Marullus And Flavius Worried?

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What is a Roman Tribune, and what is their role society? Why are Marullus and Flavius worried

about Caesar?

During the 100 B.C (the year Julius Caesar was born), one of the most successful empires

was the Roman Empire. Emperor after emperor, it kept being successful and conquering the land

it needs by inventions and different contributions the known world today. The reason for this

empire’s success is that it was very organized in everything it conducted. The Roman Empire

was very well known for its different leaders such as Pompey, Julius Caesar, and Pontus Pilate

and so on. These leaders were chosen to be the rulers of Rome by the Roman society. The

Roman society consisted of patrician families, senators (the roman tribune), equestrians,

plebeians and freed slaves. Patrician families were the ones that were wealthy people that owned

land all throughout Rome. The senators were the senates that governed Rome. The equestrians

were wealthy property owners who chose business over politics. The plebeians were the working

class that had men without wealth who worked for their living at jobs such as artisans, craftsmen,

bakers and more. One of the key officers in the Roman Empire was the roman tribune.

A Roman tribune is an officer that protects the people from the mistreatment and

oppression of different rulers in Rome such as patricians or nobles. They protect and defend the

liberties against any rights of the Roman people. When the elections of

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