A Short Note On Ca2 + Influx Through Catsper Channels

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Significance of Ca2+ influx Through CatSper Channels The process of hypermotility and its relationship with CatSper channels has been previously analyzed. After Ca2+ is allowed to go down its concentration gradient and into the sperm cell, various physiological processes are seen to be activated (1). Thus, CatSper channels appear to have a crucial mission when it comes to spermatozoa normal functionality and different studies have provided further evidence. In CatSper -/- (mutant) sperm, motility was notably impaired when a computer assisted-program was performed (2). Moreover, it was shown that the CatSper-null sperm possessed a normal motility initially and it was indeed hypermotility the function that was missing (2). As mentioned, hypermotility allows for successful fertilization due to a more powerful sperm tail wave-like movements. When referring to a knockout studies of specific CatSper subunits, a study demonstrated how motility was impaired in CatSper 1 -/- spermatozoa when compared to its wild-type counterpart as low-angled and minimal amplitude were observed in the flagellum of the mutant (27). Also, analysis in a viscous medium showed the effects of CatSper2 as CatSper 2 -/- mice sperm demonstrated less motility than the wild-type sperm (12). The lack of in-vivo measurements presented in these experiments is a limitation and justifies the need for techniques that will allow for more accurate methods. CatSper channels have also been shown to be crucial for the

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