A Short Note On Marketing Mix And Product Strategy Essay

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V. Marketing Mix

Product Strategy

Booze Cruiser is designed to monitor consumption in a way no other competitor has done before. Its unique technology is to monitor alcohol consumption through body chemistry and temperature. Not only does it serve as a safety product, but provides convenience compared to our competitors. We offer a high quality product that offers three different colors for you to choose from as well as it is lightweight, waterproof, and shockproof. We offer free shipping and guarantee our product will be at your home within three days from the time you purchase. We want our customers to be able to contact us if they have any complications or questions, which is why we offer 24/7 customer service and have a warranty lasting up to three years. Our product will not only show how responsible you are but it will show others you are responsible because you choose to wear our product to show how to safely drink. Our product allows not only the user to be aware of their drinking but the people around them. This provides more awareness and can help others from making at risk decisions. Our objective as a brand is to encourage young adults to be safe and responsible while drinking. We believe not only that our unique way of monitoring alcohol in a fashionable and stylish way will attract customers, but also the value it will bring to each individual person using our bracelet will accomplish this objective. B. Place Strategy

We will be

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