A Short Story : A Narrative Story

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I squinted my eyes as the ray of the sun blinded me. I took a deep breath and inhaled the fresh air. Tears of joy and laughter filled the atmosphere. I looked back as a familiar voice rung in my ears. "Hey, you excited your up going up next." It was Lacey Zamarai. Her divine black hair seemed lighter in the sun. Her eyes were tainted darker than usual revealing how on edge she felt. "Excited is one way to put it, im fucking terrified." I responded. "Heh, don't be just go up on stage with your head held high and get it over with." Beside all my imperfections Lacey had been in my life since we were born, she knew me more than anyone else. "Harper Collins!". I started feeling different emotions all at once. I pushed it to the back of my mind and snapped back into reality. My legs felt unsteady as i made my way up on stage. Mr. Walter shook my hand delicately, and handed me my diploma. The sounds of cheering and yelling burst my ears, making me nauseous. I managed to make my way to the other end of the stage. My legs had given up making me trip. I flickered my eyes trying to make out the figure that stood in front of me. "Hey, you ok?" The voice was familiar. I steadied myself trying to regain conscience. "I'm sorry about that, here let me help you." My eyes fell to my graduation gown, which had water spilled all over. "Uh, no its fine...I got it". I looked up to see Greyson Zamarai. My eyes flickered into his eyes holding his gaze. My stomach did a somersault just at the
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