A Short Story : A Story?

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I ran and I ran as fast as I could, Athena called my name Jack you are a chicken, come back I need you! As I ran away I went to a police station and which I told him everything as the chief replied she will be locked up for good. The next day on the news I saw here poster saying missing and charged with 5 accounts of murder. For two months I felt like something was watching me. Then I flipped on the tv the very night I was creeped out I saw an insane girl found dead. As I looked over my shoulder in the mirror next to the tv I saw Athena dead. Shouted dad. Ahhhh! I exclaimed, oh it was just a story Haden I promise my dad said calmingly. In that moment I realized it was not a story, it was true as I look at my dad's piercing blue eyes I saw Athena was my dad's sister.
As I sat in my bed cuddled up in my blacks with my father saying Goodnight. I sat up in bed watching TV hoping my dreams would not be nightmares that night.then something lulled me to sleep. Then I saw her routine Athena, which I stood there frozen in fear. ´´join me my darling´´ auntie smoothly told me. As she was standing behind her I saw a girl break free of her chains. As Auntie notices I saw her, she had a grin on her face ¨ take her but remember this¨ screamed auntie. Then I woke up to see my dad barging in asking what's the wrong ¨you was screaming are you ok” dad said worriedly. Before I could tell him his phone buzzed. It was the doctor saying Winne was cured. Good for her, but who is she?
´dad who is

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