A Short Story : A Story?

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Hange could still hear the low ringing in her ears once everything around her settled down. She had plenty of gas left to get herself out of the well, and to go where she needed to be afterward. She didn’t know how long she was knocked out for, but the dust from the blast settled down. The whole section of the town was destroyed and crumbled. Small smoke trails billowed from things that were turned to ash. She didn’t see any of her squad members. There was little chance of survival from something that powerful. Deep down Hange hoped that they managed to get far enough away, or even took cover, from the explosion. But hope was something that didn’t always work in the cruel world humanity dealt with on a daily basis. Hope wasn’t always enough for a loved one to come back home safely on. Hange held tightly onto the top of the well as she hauled herself over. She winced painfully once she was back on the ground, swaying a bit from dizziness from moving too quickly. A dull ache rattled against her forehead. Her left eye felt worse than what her head did. In fact, the Squad Leader couldn’t even open it. Parts of her uniform were torn and damp. The metallic tang of blood wafted through her nostrils. She’d worry about her physical ailments later. She wandered through the ruined area for any sign of survivors. There wasn’t much luck. Blown off arms and legs was all that she seemed to find. It made her stomach churn. Hange wiped at her good eye, smearing dirt across her face. The

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