A Short Story : A Story?

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“Year 4, day… I… Don’t remember. This is a message to anyone who finds this. The IFM is screwed up; I’m fed up with their lies. I’ve… Seen things. They are using us as their lab rats… Their, toys. I’ve decided to run. I can’t stay another day knowing that abominations like what I saw are out there. I don’t know where I’m going to go, but to anyone who hears this, I advise you run too.”
Isaac puts away his recorder, taking the cartridge out and hides it in the silverware tray. He proceeds to leave when the door opens, and James, his former squadmate, walks in.
“Hey Isaac.” “Yeah, hey.” Isaac says lazily. “What’s up?” “Nothing.” “Something wrong?” “No.” “M’kay. Sorry for bothering you.” “Yeh.”
Isaac leaves the dining hall, and heads for the library; he goes to open it, but the door was locked.
“Okay… Jammer… Oh wait the armory!” Isaac shouts, stuttering the last half of the thought.
The nearby Scribes look at Isaac strangely, as if he had spoke in another language. Isaac creeps away, slowly and silently as ever.
At last, the words above him shining in green, “Armory”, and before it, stood a tall man wearing IFM riot armor. This was Reginald; the guard of the armory.
“Heyyyy Reginald, any chance I could slip through?” The guard had no response. “So is that a No?” The guard shook his head. “Arrrrrre you sure?” The guard nodded once, swiftly. “Aww come on Reggie-” The guard shook his head again. “Could you atleast get something for me?” Reginald tilted his head. “I need a door
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