A Short Story : A Story Of The Story?

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Delilah Quille smoothed her maids dress before dusting the chandelier that hung above the main hall her naturally straightened blonde hair had been tightly made into long pigtails that caught dust before it fell to the glossy dark oak floor. “Delilah do you know where Edgar is?” she heard her master ask, his Emerald colored eyes looked curious, “No Master Ekon I haven’t” although she’d never admit it Delilah Quille was fond of Ekon Grey he was like an older brother to her as she was an orphan until his father Wolf Grey took her in and raised her as his own, Ekon’s mother had died during his birth and his father of pneumonia he was alone, the wealthy 21 year old only had his servants to give him the company he desired, his maid (her), his butler Edgar, and the cook who was an Italian named Loreto were the only ones he had talked to in ages which is why Delilah had kindly advised him to have a formal ball to meet business partners and perhaps decide who he was to marry. “All right don’t forget I will be having guests over as well, please have the ballroom ready I will find Edgar to help you” with that the civilized young man left his coat tails swinging behind him as he left to find his butler, Edgar Harp. Delilah had finally primped every part of the ballroom she did this by decorating,polishing, and sweeping the ballroom, When Edgar had finally come to her aid she was exhausted from the work she had done that day.The naturally chipper maid had just wiped the sweat from her
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