A Short Story : A Story?

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Sparks flickered into the darkness of the night sky as the trio sat around the fire watching the embers glow. Their hunger satisfied thanks to Amanda and Maggie’s success. The overall mood palatably more relaxed than the previous night. Relaxed enough Maggie felt comfortable enough to pull out a joint from her pocket. Shannon might’ve forced them to give up their packs and supplies at the beginning of this adventures but that didn’t mean she was willing to give up her herb. Holding one end into the fire, she waited until the paper began to smolder until she brought the blunt to her lips and took a long drag, allowing the heady smoke to burn down into her lungs. A content sigh escaped her as she took another hit before offering it to her teammates. Rodney and Amanda stared, blankly at the object uncertain if they should partake. “Don’t make me smoke alone.” Maggie pleaded before she forced the joint into Rodney’s grasp, “It’s bad luck.” Throwing caution to the wind, Rodney puffed on the weed. Inhaling too deeply, he sputtered and coughed before he handed it off to Amanda. The healer looked at it as if it would bite her. “C’mon, ‘Manda. I did it. You can, too.” Rodney encouraged her. With a reluctant sigh, the other woman swiped it from the man before taking the smallest hint Maggie had ever seen before coughing up a storm and passing it back to Maggie. Smirking, Maggie puffed away merrily, “First time?” “How. Could. You. Tell?” Amanda inquired as she continued to hack.

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