A Short Story : A Story?

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No answer. Not a good sign. I tried it again, “WHERE ARE YOU?” My voice echoed down Main Street. I frantically dashed around the desolate roads and alleyways, searching for any trace of her. Nothing. Absolutely nothing. I scanned the area, knowing all too well every dismal facet of this city. Against the courthouse, a single, blue bicycle with its chain lying on the ground. In front of town hall, a once lovely rose bed that was now a belligerent thorn bush. Across from the police station, fourteen abandoned cars that had been gutted out. It's funny, I could have swore- RING! The rush of newfound adrenaline found its way into my legs, and they jetted me to the only place in town that had a bell on the front door. The dilapidated Mom and Pop shop had certainly seen its better days. Its oldest residents were the spiders, whose generations of intricate webs lay in dusty rags. The shelves were rusting, and were barely supporting what items hadn’t already been looted. The windows definitely had glass in them before, but there was not even a shard of proof on the rotting plank floors anymore. The lichen had spiraled across the walls, socializing about my losing battle. After yet another dead end, I continued to walk down this carpet of concrete, knowing it would soon mold into a jungle of green. Every door hung by its last hinge, groaning with every gust of wind. Each apartment building had a roof that had either altogether caved in, or looked like a depressing Souffle. All of the
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