A Short Story : A Story?

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I was awoken by a light pat on my butt. "Wake up, lazy bones" Master smiled as a looked up at him. I smiled back as an instinct. His pitch black hair was messy and his eyes were an array of colors. "You better get up before the boss lady wakes up" he smirks in a whisper. Quietly, I sigh and sit up. He brushes my hair out of my face. "I'll go get your brush" he stands up and walks out of the room, leaving me with Adrienne, making me slightly uncomfortable. He comes back with my brush in his hand a few minutes later and sits behind me. "Master, I don't want to go shopping with her today..." I softly say. "I know sweetheart but she's the boss. She's leaving later tonight so then we can have fun. But you have to be good" he starts gently brushing my long brown hair. I whinced as he brushed trough the tangles. I'm supposed to brush my hair but Master likes to do it so I let him. I heard sounds from the king sized bed in the middle of the room. She's up. "Billie, you better not be touching her" she said without even looking at us. "Come on, baby. She's just too cute!" He wraps his arms around me, squeezing out a giggle. "She's not here to be cute. She's here to do work" she sits up and holds the red silk sheets tightly to her nude body. She's always such a bummer. She's nice to everyone else, just not to me. I don't know what I did to her though. "Come on," he whispers in my ear, "let's go get a shower." The only alone time I get with Master is in the shower. That's my favorite

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