A Short Story : A Story?

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“Nobody would ever think me as a hero, Felicity. I’m like a ghost, only human-like.” A young woman with long black hair and celestial blue tips spoke in a lab-like room spoke to a woman, whose brunette hair was in a bun, held by a pencil. The woman across from her, Camira Avendano, had almost clear skin, similar to a ghost’s, the color brought out by her grey dress. She wore a light grey cardigan over it, as she fingered one of its buttons. “Don’t say that, Camira. You save so many people.” Felicity was trying to comfort her, while making sure that she didn’t lose her charming heroism so many people needed. “The only thing that you need to work on are your air blasts, which are unstable, true. Anyway, the unstableness is exactly what Akari isn’t looking for. She thinks that you know all your powers, and can control them. And, yet, you can’t! It’s like the scientists were planning this when they created you!” “Alright, alright. I suppose you’re right,” Camira laughed, brushing her hair out of her face. “I suppose the ‘Queen of Shadows’ won’t know what hit her. But, still… entire planets are waging war against her, and I’m some measly superhero in the middle of Manhattan. How in all the galaxies am I supposed to help?” “We can start fighting here. You’ve already got five others from Upper New York, don’t you? They’re already beginning to fight with you. Taking the fight right to Akari will be the hard part.” Felicity reminded her, getting up and going to a computer with a
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