A Short Story : A Story?

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The air was crisp, the sun just starting to peek up over the tree line, a small amount of fog filling the air on what seemed to be a usual fall morning. Par usual I forced myself out of bed dragging my feet to the kitchen like a prisoner on death row, already dreading whatever it was that the day was going to hold. Just like any other teenager checking my phone, was a priority early in the morning, catching up on whatever it is that I may have missed while sleeping. But, something like wasn't right, a text message notification from my mother saying “come wake me up”, stealthy walking through the house careful to not disturb anyone i walked to her bedroom, to find her already awake, strange i thought to myself. I said good morning as she shifted around, getting a better view of me. “Madeline, you're not going to school today, your dad was in a motorcycle accident last night.” she said. With those words piercing through the air around us, I was ripped from my sleepy daze and wide awake. Standing in the middle of that dark bedroom with only the small beam of light coming through the cracked door, i felt the utter darkness consume me wholey. My heart had took a plunge in this newly dig hole inside of me taking my stomach with it. Gathering the courage to speak and finding my voice I whispered “Is he dead?” She replied back with “Not yet, but honey this is bad.” Growing up in a household with a mother as a nurse, I knew this was no exaggeration. I felt sick, like i had be riding

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