A Short Story : A Story?

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It was getting colder now that the sun was gone. Not freezing cold necessarily, but there was a definite uncomfortable bite to it. It didn’t take long for Jack to break out his trusty new flashlight. While the sky took its time fading away its light, the landscape around them was already cast in darkness. Mark focused on the lightened path in front of them, knowing that if he tried to look too closely into the dark trees his brain would play tricks on him. You can blame all the horror games. They followed the steady incline up the mountain. Jack stumbled over a root and he huffed. “Man, Emily was right. Why does tha cabin hafta be so far away from tha car?!” “Gotta work for it!” Mark sneered. They passed by several signs, some pointing the way, others advertising the different ski lifts. Mark glanced at every darkened light post, knowing it was long dead but hoping for a miracle anyway. They occasionally heard rustles in the bushes around them as they passed by. Mark’s logical side told him they were just mice frightened by their presence, but his heart still picked up the pace with every unexpected sound. He rubbed his arms, but whether it was because of the cold or something else he wasn’t quite sure. Jack noticed his movements and smirked. “Cold?” Mark smiled. “A little bit.” “Yeh it feels like it’s gettin’ inta tha teens.” Mark knitted his brows. “It’s not that cold.” Jack paused before chuckling loudly. “Sorry, teens in celsius.

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